About Us


Logo Indicates

World : Universe is vast and the knowledge has to be acquired.
Hand with Pen : Acquired knowledge is being put in the practice.
Rocket : Instingating to have higher goals to built a better world.
The school logo indicates that our students will go in any corner of the world.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination encircles the world.

About School

Global knowledge public school is the most immaculate location and wonderful platform to transmit quality education through holistic approach. The school away from the unwanted violence and the noises of the city ,environments provides a clean and energetic atmosphere for children to the infrastructure, with all modern pleasantness gives to students a very comfortable atmosphere to stay and learn.

With this provides continuous comprehensive education. Intellectually, socially ,emotionally and physically GKPS offers guidance and directions in logical thinking, social awareness, and purposeful research. Students are given apportunities to develop and show their potentials; as well as be aware of global issues.Home assignments of the school is nothing but a projects related to each and every topic /lessons given to encourage and develop their writing skill /presentation skills. Seminar gives the stage courage, enthuses their confidence which is essential for their scope in future.

Limited strength in the class allows the teachers to pay attention (personal care) towards students. Each class with fully e-learning facility that provides to improve grasping power of Child by audio video mechanism with NIIT. It helps in all aspect of progress of all students.

Regular PTMs are organized to overview child's progress. Since its foundation it had been developing into a quality education, generating pupils to face the scientific, technological, social challenges. Our students learn from the experienced, dedicated talented faculty, who always challenge, inspire, motivate the students. Extracurricular activities : Music, sports, art and various other activities gives children to exhibit their interest and skills.

Research team prepare the yearly action plan where the students themselves become confident and self dependent.They prepare their chapters for seminars due to which the chapter is revised 5 to 6 time on each topic. The students express their doubts without fear. Teacher is available as a facilitator only, Simultaneously students prepare their projects (homework)with introduction ,Summary,Conclusion,Glossary,colorful pictures ending with his/her doubt.

Inner voice of child
Research team observe every student and identifies their abilities ,Some students score goodrank in academics,some are good at handwriting , drawings,sports,music,drama/arts etc.
The best example is Mr. Sachin Tendulkar who failed in 10th standard but he is the world known cricketer.(sport) and also winner of “BharatRatna”award.
Our research team have a task to find out a inner potential of the child and to realize his/her real potential of his/her born field.
So that we get the best winners in different fields at national and international level.


To educate every pupil of Global Knowledge Public School into a whole person : enabling them to learn and re-learn to acquire holistic all round development (Spiritual,personal,Emotional ,Physical and intellectual) and constructive self learning where a child grows freely in all aspects through continous and comprehensive evaluation ; identifying the aptitude of the students to encourage their natural interest and provide psychological treatment of the students who are below average to create peace filled world and honest citizen’s of our country.


Preparation of Project on each topic.

Other than the textbook our students while preparing homework read the topic carefully and search for unknown words meaning from the dictionary and the meaning are written in the textbook.

Students write the information in their own language,topic is also concluded and summarized with glossary.Lastly the topic is concluded to life relativity.If the student has any doubt or quries also mentioned at the end.Project is crosschecked by the students in class , find the mistakes and make corrections among the students then tearcher check the projects in time.Supervisor monitors and quarterly chairman sir personally observing each and every topic of our school students.Resulting self learning ,attractive and creative presentation of paper with neat and clean handwriting.

Seminars on each topic.
Our research team prepares the heterogeneous group of five in each group in the class. Group members decide to prepare PPT presentation.Topi is explained through modules/drama/teaching aids.After the explaination the students ask questions/doubts to each other. If the students are unable to explain, the subject teacher will explain to the class.The outcome of the students get deep knowledge of topic,which inturn increase stage courage ,leadership qualities,ability to express ones own views.
Quiz on each topic after the completion of lesson.
School conduct the exam on every topic but our students prepare the question paper by themselves.The skeleton of paper is provided by the school. The teacher interchanges the paper among the students and students solve the paper prepared by the other students.After solving the paper again checked by the another student. Then teacher corrects the answerpaper. Resulting due to this exam phobia flies away from the heart of the students.
Good handwriting
Our research team insist student for neat and clean handwriting where the students observe alphabets in textbook and write the project as per the textbook,If they have any mistakes teacher advices to look in to book .As a result students themselves develop their handwriting.
Chairman’s club
Our research team prepare four clubs.
  • Subject teacher will prepares the students in a way to understand whole topic in his/her own language.
  • Class teacher find out and advice the capable students in all subject to push into principal club.
  • Chairman’s club all students are egger to participate in chairman’s club.Chairman sir personally encourage the students for self learning by awarding them cinema/hoteling end of every month .Only chairman sir involve in cinema/hoteling with students.Chairman club selected students are becoming educator and adaptors of class students.They adopt one or two studentsby personally advising and solving the difficulties to bring them in chairman’s club.
  • In resulting happiness in students being in a chairman’s club,where himself/herself get developed in learning process.