Chairman’s Massage

Shri.Ramesh Biradar
[ Founder President ]

“Education is helping the child to realize his potentialities”

Before 1947 our 40 Crore Indian were facing a great challenge to get independence, after independence we were struggling to get basic needs of food, cloth and shelter. With the hard efforts taken by our scientist and policy makers, now we are self-sufficient in food, cloth and shelter. At present India is one of the fastest developing country in the world, It is because of economic reformation by Indian government. Now we compete with the world’s topper countries by developing education, health and industries. Education is most important field for all round development in human life.

Our school is having Technical Collaboration with:

  • Cambridge University which is the second oldest University in the English-Speaking world and the world’s fourth-oldest surviving University.
  • NIIT is a leading Global Talent Development Corporation, building skilled manpower pool for global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 1981, to help the nascent IT industry overcame its human resource challenges, has today grown to be amongst world’s leading talent development companies offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions across 40 countries.

Director’s Massage

Shri. Sujit R Biradar
[ Managing Director ]

“Education is beautification of inner and outer world”

Students education is the basic right of every child and “Education means formal training or instructions that are provided to someone to improve their minds”. There are several types of education like moral education which fetches you values, physical education which fetches you fit.

The establishment of Global Knowledge Public School in 2011 was with the great vision to give world class education and educational facilities to the students. Academic result, co-curricular and extra co_ curricular activities or competitions across the globe our students from the school have shown on our front.

Educating a pupil is team work. We are happy to have an able team of teachers, non teaching staff under the leadership of principal .The various ranking awards got to the Global Knowledge Public School.

Principal’s Massage

Mrs. Jaimala Puri
[ Principal ]
Global Knowledge public School.

Let me take this Opportunity to welcome our students and parents to the new academic year. Since we are taking a fresh look at our school and revamping our system to offer the best in education to our students. Our focus is to ensure that we further strengthen our system to build the right foundation for students to use new technology platform to enable more active student participation.

  • Preparation of Project on each topic.
    Children prepare the projects on each topic creatively gathering information other than in text book and present the topic using drawings and stickers.
  • Presentation on each topic. (Seminars) Every child gains complete knowledge through self-study and makes efforts to express it infront of the classmates. Here self-learning takes place.
  • Quiz on each topic after the completion of lesson.Every teacher conducts quiz on every topic either using NIIT system or by orally without prior information which gives understanding of the student on the topic.
  • Neat and clean HandwritingEvery day teacher insist on good handwriting and end of every month handwriting test is conducted and marks are allotted to encourage the students to learn good handwriting.

Teaching for pre-primary classes, we are planning to move in to more advanced and engaging activity based learning captions methodology to build a solid foundation.

In addition to our continued emphasis on excellent academics we encourage the non-academic interests of our students to start with rifle shooting, karate, skating and horse riding. In the same spirit, we encourage the students to experience life outside their class room and home by taking them to field trips, adventure camps, and Excursions. We believe that a child’s exposure to sports and extra-curricular activities’ play pivotal role in his/her personality development.

To further our commitment is to offer technology enabled education; we are focusing on using cutting edge technology platforms for imparting education. Digital class rooms and computer classes enable us to create more participatory learning environment for students.

The development of a child is a collaborative exercise between the parents and the school. We appreciate your constrictive feedback about our new initiatives and also on the initiatives that you would like to see. At the same your co-operation in forming the child in to honest citizen of our country.

Vise-Principal's Massage

Mrs. Jeevana
[ Vise-Principal ]
Global Knowledge public School

We live in a world of globalization where English plays an important role to exchange our thoughts and communicate effectively. The importance of English cannot be denied and ignored since it is the most common language spoken worldwide with the leap of developing technology, media industry and internet. One out of five people can speak or understand English. It has been playing major role in many sectors like Medical, Engineering and different applied educational fields where English plays important role in developing countries. It is a language which helps lot of people to meet and speak to. It not only useful but gives satisfaction also helps to know about other cultures. Best knowledge of English helps to find best life, in addition to this specially high quality jobs need good understanding and speaking ability in English and good communication skills. Knowing English gives experience and experience makes one grow as a person more than learning the values habits and way of life in culture that is different.

General knowledge has been defined in differential psychology as culturally valued knowledge communicated by a range of non-specialist media and encompassing a wide subject range. This definition excludes highly specialized learning that can only be obtained with extensive training and information confirmed to a single medium.

General knowledge is an important component of crystallized intelligence and is strongly associated with general intelligence, into get through competitive exams and weakly associated with openness to experience. In my opinion general knowledge is thought to be supported by long term semantic memory of ability.

There by we insist and train our pupils to speak in English and know the happenings of the world. We definitely do encourage students to take active participation in all the activities conducted by the school.